2016 Arctic Cat Pantera 7000


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Arctic Cat
Pantera 7000


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MSRP: $13,699.00
Plus freight, setup, $79.00 doc fee, tax, & DNR registration.


  • 7000 4-Stroke Engine: Part of our clean technology family, the 7000 is a 1049cc 4-stroke, renowned for easily accessible midrange power. This quick-revving triple maintains optimal power thanks to EFI and a state-of-the-art engine management system designed to reduce engine braking.
  • Arctic Drive System with Team Clutches: New for 2016, the Arctic Drive System™ incorporates a large TEAM BOSS driven clutch and TEAM drive clutch. By eliminating belt skid, these clutches reduce temperature and transfer more power to the track. In addition to their incredible strength, these clutches are known for their easy and precise tuning.
  • Arctic Race Front Suspension: Arctic race front suspension geometry was developed through racing. Our uniquely wide A-arm spacing complements the chassis design, which allows us to maintain a tighter suspension. Arctic Cat® Gas IFP shocks feature a hard-anodized aluminum body, 0.5-in. shaft, aluminum internal floating piston and high-quality seals and ice scrapers. For added strength, the eyelet on the shaft end is forged, replacing the welded design.
  • SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension: The SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension brings race day technology to everyday riding. Our U-shaped slot fits over a fixed shaft to allow a crucial half-inch of sliding movement. As the rear transfer blocks are engaged, the free-acting front arm follows the terrain, keeping your skis firmly planted over bumps, and during aggressive cornering and acceleration. This significant detail controls ski lift during acceleration.
  • ProTour - 6 Skis: On or off trail, this ski does it all. Fast on the trails and performs in the deep.
  • Push-button Reverse: The push-button reverse is all about quick, easy activation. Go forwards to backwards and back to forwards in seconds.
  • 12v Outlet: Plug in and power up. Charge your phone or other electronic device while you ride.
  • Electric Start: The fun starts here. With a simple turn of the key, the reliable electric start will get your motor running.
  • Adjustable Backrest: Dial in just the right support for your back, and notice how much more refreshed you feel at the end of the ride.
  • Heated Passenger Seat: Comfort that matches the ride. Now your passenger has the perfect seat for the perfect ride.
  • Power Sport Gauge: All the info is at your fingertips. There’s an odometer, trip meter, speedometer, engine hour, clock, fuel level indicator, reverse, optional altimeter and warning lights.
  • Locking Detachable Storage Cases: These easy-to-detach side cases give you the room you need to pack for the journey. Clean laundry in the left. Dirty in the right.
  • Mirrors: These heavy-duty, built-to-last mirrors are perfect to withstand harsh winter elements. Plus, they help you keep your eye on your posse.
  • Adjustable Handlebar: Even a small adjustment in handlebar height can make a big difference in riding fatigue. Find your perfect height, and ride even longer.
  • Passenger Hand Warmers: Nothing keeps passengers’ hands toasty like a pair of hand warmers.
  • Passenger Seat: Need more room for gear? The passenger seat removes easily with the flip of two levers.
  • Side Panel Wind Deflectors: Be ready for all the elements. Side panel deflectors push the cold air out and around you and your passenger, letting you sit back and enjoy your day on the trail.
  • 17" High-Height Windshield: The extra-high windshield tames the wind out in the great white open. The mirrors make backing up easy.
  • Radiator: Cooling is key when your machine works as hard as you do. The front-mounted radiator improves cooling, which adds to the performance.
  • Rear Compartment and Storage Cases: Need more space for your stuff? Rear compartment storage cases keeps it all safe and dry.
  • 146-in. RipSaw Track with 1.25-in. Lugs: Features aggressive angled-lug profiles for outstanding forward and lateral traction on groomed trails. The 1.25-in. lugs provide excellent handling, acceleration and braking on hard-packed surfaces.
  • Type: 4-stroke
  • Displacement: 1049cc
  • Cooling: Liquid
  • Cylinders: 3
  • Bore x Stroke: 82 x 62.2 mm
  • Lubrication: Dry sump
  • Ignition: Digital T.C.I. with throttle position sensor
  • Fuel Delivery: Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
  • Exhaust: 3-into-1 stainless steel pipe with stainless steel muffler
  • Fuel Capacity: 10.7 gal.
  • Minimum Octane: 87
  • Front Suspension: Arctic Race Suspension with sway bar
  • Ski Shocks: Arctic Cat Gas IFP
  • Front Travel: 9.5 in.
  • Rear Suspension: SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension, coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link rear arm, adjustable torsion springs and fiberglass overload springs
  • Front Track Shock: Arctic Cat Gas IFP
  • Rear Track Shock: Arctic Cat Gas IFP
  • Rear Travel: 13.5 in.
  • Drive Clutch: TEAM Rapid Response
  • Driven Clutch: TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS
  • Drive System: Arctic Drive System
  • Brakes: Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake
  • Clutch Calibration: 0-5,000 ft.
  • Gearing: 21/49
  • Reverse: Push-button
  • Overall Length: 127 in.
  • Overall Width: 48 in.
  • Track Width: 15 in.
  • Track Length: 146 in.
  • Lug: 1.25 in.
  • Pitch: 2.86 in.
  • Ski Stance: 42-43 in. Adjustable
  • Ski Type / Width: ProTour - 6 in.
  • Runner Type: Dual split runner w/carbide
Instrumentation Specifications
  • Type of Gauge: Power Sport
  • Speedometer: Digital
  • Tachometer: Digital
  • Odometer: Digital
  • Fuel: Digital
  • Oil: Indicator Light
  • Coolant: Indicator Light
  • Clock: Digital
  • Battery Voltage: Digital
  • Hours: Digital
Feature Specifications
  • 12V Outlet: Standard
  • Adjustable Backrest: Standard
  • Auxiliary Gas Tank 4.3 gal.: Accessory
  • Electric Start: Standard
  • Front Bumper: Sport
  • Goggle Holder: Accessory
  • Hand & Thumb Warmers: Standard
  • Headlights: Dual halogen 2-bulb
  • Heated Drivers Seat: Standard
  • Heated Passenger Seat: Standard
  • Ice Scratchers: Accessory
  • Locking Detachable Storage Cases: Accessory
  • Mirrors: Standard
  • Mountain Strap: Accessory
  • Passenger Footrests: Standard
  • Passenger Hand Warmers: Standard
  • Passenger Seat: Standard
  • Passenger Wind Deflectors: Standard
  • Radiator: Standard
  • Rear Accessory Outlet: Standard
  • Rear Storage: Compartment
  • Seat: ProTour
  • Side Panel Wind Deflectors: Standard
  • Sno Pro Brake Lever: Accessory
  • Steering: Adjustable handlebar
  • Tether Switch: Accessory
  • Tow Hitch: Accessory
  • Visor Plug-ins: Standard
  • Windshield: 17" High-height
  • Black



Engine Type
Bore x Stroke
82 x 62.2 mm
Engine Cooling
Electronic Fuel Injected (EFI)
Digital T.C.I. with throttle position sensor
3-into-1 stainless steel pipe with stainless steel muffler


Brake Type
Race radial master cylinder hydraulic brake
Drive Clutch
TEAM Rapid Response
Driven Clutch
TEAM Rapid Reaction BOSS


Front Suspension
Suspension: Arctic Race Suspension with sway bar; Shock: Arctic Cat Gas IFP
Front Travel
9.5 in.
Rear Suspension
Suspension: SLIDE-ACTION Rear Suspension, coupling blocks, Torque-Sensing Link rear arm, adjustable torsion springs and fiberglass overload springs; Front Track Shock: Arctic Cat Gas IFP; Rear Track Shock: Arctic Cat Gas IFP
Rear Travel
13.5 in.
Ski Type
ProTour - 6 in.
Ski Stance
42-43 in. Adjustable
Track Type
Track Dimensions
15 in. x 146 in. x 1.25 in.


Dual halogen 2-bulb
Fuel Capacity
10.7 gal.
17 in. High-height


Electric Start
Hand & Thumb Warmers